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 For the law was given through Moses, grace and truth came through Jesus Christ. 

- John 1:17

 "The Life of Moses" Legacy Book is designed to be used as a study companion to the daily written responses found exclusively on the He Reads Truth site, app, or via email subscription.

In "The Life of Moses" Legacy Book we will follow God's hand in the life of Moses from the baby in the Nile River, to the Plagues of Egypt, and up to the Mount of Sinai, ending when Moses is buried by God's hand on Mt. Nebo.

Scripture readings are included from both Old and New Testaments, focusing on Moses' story in the book of Exodus.

This three week plan includes:

  • A 6"x 8.5" perfect bound 136 page book with complete scripture readings for each day.
  • A grid of the 10 Commandments, highlighting God's fulfillment of His Covenant.
  • An insightful chart about the 10 plagues in Egypt.
  • Space for personal reflection and notes to trigger deeper interaction with Truth.
  • The Legacy Series provides a theme verse for each book of the Bible. As you memorize these 66 verses over the years, you will be committing to memory the thematic arc of the Bible as a whole.
  • A prayer card displaying the theme verse for "The Life of Moses" to display in your home, workspace, car, or anywhere you need a prompt to pray.
  • 3 Scripture Cards (+1 bonus card!) designed for memorization and sharing.

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Leave your mark with a study resource that can be referred back to or passed down for years to come.

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