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Cyanotype 8x10 Print

Cyanotype 8x10 Print

$ 12.00

In our moments of greatest joy and deepest grief, ordinary objects can gain extraordinary significance.

The print was created using an early photographic process called cyanotype. These traditionally blue images, also known as shadowgraphs, are pictures produced with light-sensitive paper, but without a camera.*

The rich shades of blue in mixed layers of exposure make cyanotypes feel like almost forgotten memories drifting in and out of focus. Likewise, the objects that accompany our great joys and sorrows hold their power long after the event is over.

Our hope is that this cyanotype evokes a remembrance of dear relics of your past, and bring comfort and joy as you mourn and dance.

Printed on 100# felt. 8x10.


*Source: Stulik, Dusan C., and Art Kaplan. The Atlas of Analytical Signatures of Photographic Processes: Cyanotypes. Getty Conservation Institute, 2013.

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