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<i>1 & 2 Samuel: The Life of David</i> She + He Bundle

1 & 2 Samuel: The Life of David She + He Bundle

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The Lᴏʀᴅ declares to you: The Lᴏʀᴅ himself will make a house for you. -2 Samuel 7:11 

The books of 1 & 2 Samuel include the stories of Samuel, Saul, and David—three broken heroes used by God to establish a kingdom for His people. Samuel was the revered last judge, Saul was the impressive first king of Israel, and David was the ultimate poet-warrior, who composed much of the Psalms and triumphed over tens of thousands to defend his people. But beyond the page-turning adventure of kings and battles and political gamesmanship, these books tell the story of a greater King. David’s heroic defeat of Goliath, the epic victories of his band of mighty men, and an ordinary man made into a king all point to one truth: our God reigns. Join us for this 5-week study of 1 & 2 Samuel: The Life of David.

This bundle includes (1) 1 & 2 Samuel: The Life of David Study Book for the She Reads Truth community study, and (1) 1 & 2 Samuel: The Life of David Legacy Book for the He Reads Truth community study. 

Each book includes:

  • Full Scripture readings for every day—right there in the book
  • Space for personal reflection and notes to encourage deeper interaction with Truth
  • Six Scripture mini-cards perforated in the back of the book to aid in memorization of Weekly Truth verses
  • Weekly discussion and reflection questions, perfect for individual or group study
  • An introduction to 1 & 2 Samuel and helpful outlines of both books
  • A detailed map of Saul’s campaign against the Philistines
  • A map of David’s kingdom and battles
  • Always Singing: A chart of psalms written by David during the events recorded in 1 & 2 Samuel
  • An in-depth character list of the books’ key players
  • A map of the ark's movement from city to city

The 35-day 1 & 2 Samuel: The Life of David reading plan will be available on,, and the SRT & HRT apps for up to six months after your purchase.


Each book intentionally includes the 1 & 2 Samuel: The Life of David reading plan only, with a written introduction, outline, weekly questions, and many other helpful elements throughout. Because God’s Word is living and active, we believe the Holy Spirit is ultimately all we need to read and respond to Scripture. Written responses to each day’s reading are found exclusively on, and the She Reads Truth & He Reads Truth apps. We invite you to join us there for further commentary and conversation.

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